Asset Recovery, Inc.

Asset Recovery, Inc.

PO Box 279, 734 US Rt. 4 East S-9
Rutland, VT 00000-5702

Asset Recovery, Inc.

Asset Recovery, Inc. is an Vermont collection agency. Vermont collection agencies can help businesses, medical practices and facilities that are creditors to collect their accounts receivable. Debt collection help might include; collection demand letters, debt collector phone calls, credit reporting to credit bureaus and legal proceedings including lawsuits.

As with any business, if you are considering hiring Asset Recovery, Inc. to collect your debts, you should contact their local Better Business Bureau and check their references.

You should be certain that Asset Recovery, Inc. is abiding by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), the main law that regulates collection agencies. You don’t want to damage your reputation or create a liability for you business by using a disreputable debt collector.

Asset Recovery, Inc.

You might also want to find out if the Vermont Attorney General has taken any action against them for privacy violations or not abiding by collection agency regulations. You should also know that they are in compliance with all Vermont collections laws including (but not limited to):


  • Vermont Collection Agency Bond & Licensing Rules
  • Vermont Statute Of Limitations
  • Vermont Interest Rates (to avoid usury)
  • Vermont Wage Garnishment Exemptions
  • Vermont Bad Check Laws (NSF)

Asset Recovery, Inc.

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  1. zawa cheinker says:

    California Wage Garnishment

    Up to 25% of the net disposable earnings. Once the levy has been served on the employer by the sheriff or marshal, it remains in effect until the judgment has been paid in full. Because California is a community state, the wages of a non-judgment debtor spouse are also subject to levy.

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