Receivables Performance Management RPM

Receivables Performance Management RPM

Receivables Performance Management
PO Box 1548
Lynnwood, WA 98036

Receivables Performance Management (RPM) is a national collection agency based in Washington State. RPM claims to be a “national leader in “. On it’s website it says it does collections for, “Bank and Retail Card, Auto Finance, Telecommunications and Utilities, Healthcare, Commercial Finance, Government and Small Business.” Receivables Performance Management has been collecting debts since 2002.

Receivables Performance Management

RPM Collection Agency

Receivables Performance Management (RPM) website claims that “In an industry wrought with broken promises and broken relationships, RPM provides a refreshing and intelligent alternative to our clients.” The are clearly talking about the creditors here.

Receivables Performance Management (RPM) services include; Telemarketing Services, Customized Dunning Notice Services, Outsourcing and Pre-Collection Services, Early Age Reactivation Services, Late Stage / Post Statute Services, Small Balance Portfolio Services and Inbound and Outbound Services.

Receivables Performance Management

Following are some complaints filed against RPM Collection Agency:

Pissed Consumer Complaints
“i am filing a complaint for harassment”

ComplaintWire Complaints
“RPM trying to collect a fake debt”

Complaints Board Complaints
“repeated rude calls for some one elses debt”

Ripoff Report Complaints
“Rotten Collectors violating FDCPA and FCRA…”

Receivables Performance Management

RPM states on their website, “RPM has developed an account behavior scoring model with respect to a specific industry. This model takes data points such as Debtor’s credit class, location, age, balance range, business type, good phone, mail return, previously contacted, unit yield, etc. Based on the data points, our algorithm developed specific to industry, scores the accounts to further segment the inventory into four value categories that receive different work treatments.”

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